Why am I doing this?

By James Arndt, Mar 22 2018 12:37AM

Today I've laid out the bare bones core of the web site for this game project. I am yet to propagate all of the imagery and video I have of the project thus far. With that said, expect to see an influx of new media landing on the site within the next couple of weeks. I am currently working full time, going to school full time and spending time with my three boys and wife when I have down time. Due to renewed interest in this project I've decided to take it back on as an official side project that I will be dedicating time to. US history is one of my favorite subjects, especially the subject of the US Civil War. Choosing to do an interactive piece of software about the battle in Gettysburg was no coincidence. A portion of my family lives in and around the area so I've always felt connected to Gettysburg. It was on my last visit to Gettysburg that I was emotionally moved walking to the top of Little Round Top and looking down onto Devil's Den. I could see and imagine in my mind what must have taken place there back in 1863. When I came home I felt a need to do something about this, to create something out of it and express that part of myself. I suppose part of being an artist or creative person is that you want to somehow communicate to other people how you feel about something.

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